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ARGONAUTI Research Group of Theatre and Performance is a group of 7 performers, personally formed by Enrico Fauro and directed by him. The group was born with the aim of making a study path on the ancient initiatory paths and the sacred art of alchemy. The idea was born from the fact that alchemy probably, contrary to what is believed, interested the inner psychic plane and not primarily the external material one. That is, the object of his investigation was first of all the inner transmutation of man, rather than the transformation of one metal into another. The practical chemical operations, then, were probably the exercise of meditation on which the path of growth and transformation of the adept was projected. In the same way, the practical exercise for the group of Argonauts is constituted by the expressive artistic field, but the engine remains the investigation towards its own path of individuation and inner transmutation.

The members of the group are all young people who are dedicated to the study of the most diverse fields of knowledge and the most varied disciplines of art: ancient and modern literature, mathematics and physics, design, music, fitness, martial arts, photography, urban planning and architecture. Under the direction of Enrico Fauro, through the study of archaeology, mythology, symbolism, analytical psychology and the knowledge that can be found on alchemy and ancient paths of initiation, they bring together their wealth of knowledge in a common path. The members of the group are: Emiliano Cappellini, Giovanni Lubrano, Moreno Martinez, Antonio Molle, Lorenzo Tanas.

The name of the group is a tribute to the great architects of Gothic Art and Fulcanelli. According to the latter, the great cabalistic and hermetic codes present in the Gothic Cathedrals were entrusted to stone by men who had been initiated into extraordinary knowledge. They communicated with each other through a secret language: "our green language" or what he called "argotique". Brothered by the intent to protect this knowledge and yet to awaken consciences through symbols and architecture, they liked to consider themselves "companions of the ship". Thus the builders of large stone ships symbolically wanted to refer to the mythological builders of the ship Argo. With which they went in search of the Golden Fleece, a clear metaphor for the Philosopher's Stone. And they spoke a secret language that, being called Argonauts, was precisely called "Argotic".

This name is also a poetic statement. The group Argonauts makes a Journey, in which the inner transformations and personal investigations of each of the interpreters have an external object on which they are conveyed and shared artistically: the performance. Moreover, it sees the use of archetypal symbols and myth as the main tool for communication on many levels with the public, both rational and unconscious.

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